Dear Unfaithful One

February 14, 2013


*** Can you catch me this time? And, when I say this, I mean Will you come running home to my arms To love me Because I am The only kind? Do you speak of life and fate, Of years passed by, Of air and sunshine? Can you be patient and wait a thousand years, […]

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The Great Life

January 2, 2013


*** My life remains mysterious and inexplicable But to Him I am a child Bounded by dancing, Romping, Singing, Jumping, Playing around the doors, — the Master called it “the great life”. *** (Source Material: A Girl’s Life in Virginia before the War by Letitia M. Burwell)

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Seventh Heaven

November 27, 2012


*** Here I am Right here Close to him On the floor In the middle of the room Dead tired His face smeared with joy. *** (Source Material: The Heart of Pinocchio by Collodi Nipote)

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Love Spell

November 14, 2012


*** I have been musing and dreaming About a thousand things – Some lovelier fantasy Most conscious of being loved by you; The heartfelt words, The glances, The holy kisses And all the other pleasures That will soothe and mollify me And leave my heart as soft As it is now, or ever was. I […]

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